Renew Your Trucking Permits

Trucker renewing his permits on his ipad

Renewing your permits is easy with tbs

There are many permits your trucking company has to have to remain compliant with federal regulations. Each permit has different requirements and renewal dates. It can be challenging to keep track of it all.

TBS is dedicated to helping you grow your business and remain in compliance. Our team will handle the logistics of permit renewal so you can focus on what’s most important.


Renewable Permits

All interstate carriers, freight forwarders, brokers, and leasing companies are required to renew this permit. Fees are based on the number of vehicles crossing state lines. This permit must be renewed annually on January 1.

IRP applies to commercial motor vehicles traveling through two or more member jurisdictions. Permit renewal depends on the jurisdiction, but you must typically renew it annually or on a staggered schedule. Fees depend on the weight of the load and the jurisdiction.

IFTA requires interstate motor carriers to pay fuel taxes based on how much fuel they use within the boundaries of a state. This permit must be renewed annually on January 1. You also have to pay quarterly tax filings even if you have driven zero miles.

Any vehicle over 55,000 pounds that operates on public roads must hold this permit. This tax must be paid within 60 days of registering a new truck. Renewals and tax filings are due annually on August 31. Fees vary depending on the vehicle’s weight.

Carriers who use the Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement (UIIA) or work with the federal government or military are required to maintain a valid SCAC. You must have a permit before crossing international borders, and it must be renewed annually.

New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Kentucky require trucking companies to pay an additional weight distance travel tax due to the damage heavy loads have on roads. Permit renewal and fees depend on the state.